Anyone who knows me, either in actual face-to-face meetings or by way of the internet has a good chance of knowing that I like firearms. I'm not really a hunter, though I have friends who do hunt, and more power to them. It's just not for me, especially at my age. 

I thought I would put a few thoughts I have about some of the guns I own (or have owned) on the electronic record, as one might say. As a beginning I should make it clear that I am a dinosaur when it comes to guns. I like steel (and aluminium alloy). I dislike plastics for guns. I like wood, but have come to realise the benefit of the plastic composite furniture that is used on some modern arms. I was fairly late to the AR-15 camp but I am a real fan now.

I suppose we can separate this discussion into a few sections. The ones that come to mind are:



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