The Parting Glass --- trad.


Of [Am]all the money that [C]eer I [G]spent,
Ive [Am]spent it in good compa-[G]ny.
And [Am]all the harm that [C]eer I [G]did,
A-[Am]las it [G]was to [Am]none but me.
And [C]all Ive done for want of wit,
To [Am]memry now I [C]cant re-[G]call.
So [Am]fill to me the [C]parting [G]glass.
Good [Am]night and [G]joy be [Am]with you all.

If [Am]I had money e-[C]nough to [G]spend
And [Am]leisure time to sit a [G]while,
There [Am]is a fair maid [C]in this [G]town
That [Am]sorely [G]has my [Am]heart beguiled.
Her [C]rosy cheeks and ruby lips
I [Am]own she has my [C]heart en-[G]thralled.
So [Am]fill to me the [C]parting [G]glass.
Good [Am]night and [G]joy be [Am]with you all.

Oh, [Am]all the comrades that [C]eer I [G]had,
Theyre [Am]sorry for my going a-[G]way.
And [Am]all the sweethearts that [C]eer I [G]had,
Theyd [Am]wish me [G]one more [Am]day to stay.
But [C]since it falls unto my lot
That [Am]I should rise and [C]you should [G]not,
Then Ill [Am]gently rise and [C]softly [G]call,
Good [Am]night and [C]joy be [D]with you [Am]all.


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