The Cuckoo


The [Am]cuckoo is a [Em]funny bird, she [Am]sings [G]as [D]she [Em]flies.
She'll [Am]bring you glad [Em]tidings, she'll [Am]tell [G]you [D]no [Em]lies.
She [C]sips from the [G]pretty [Bm]flowers [D]to [Em]make [D]her voice [Em]clear,
And she'll [Am]never sing [Em]cuckoo till the [Am]spring [G]of [D]the [Em]year.

A-[Am]walking and a-[Em]talking, and a-[Am]wan-[G]dering [D]go [Em]I,
A-[Am]waiting for my [Em]true love; he'll [Am]come [G]by [D]and [Em]by.
I'll [C]meet him in the [G]morn-[Bm]ing for he's [D]all [Em]my [D]de-[Em]light.
I could [Am]walk with my [Em]true love from [Am]morn-[G]ing [D]to [Em]night.

Come [Am]all you fair [Em]maidens, take [Am]warn-[G]ing [D]from [Em]me,
Don't [Am]place your af-[Em]fections on a [Am]young [G]man [D]too [Em]free;
For [C]leaves they do [G]with-[Bm]er, and [D]roots [Em]they [D]do [Em]die,
And your [Am]love he will [Em]leave you and he'll [Am]nev-[G]er [D]say [Em]why.

But [Am]if he will [Em]leave me, I'll [Am]not [G]be [D]for-[Em]lorn,
And [Am]if he'll for-[Em]swear me, I'll [Am]not [G]be [D]for-[Em]sworn;
I'll [C]get myself [G]up [Bm]in my [D]best [Em]fin-[D]er-[Em]y,
And I'll [Am]walk as proud [Em]by him as [Am]he [G]walks [D]by [Em]me.


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