Social Economics --- arr. Bob Clevenger

Just some bits and pieces of similar songs all strung together, with one verse of my own.


Now youíve [G]heard of Jesse James and [C]of his claim to [G]fame,
He tried to redistribute the [D]wealth.
He robbed [G]banks and he robbed trains and he [C]rode the open [G]plains,
But picture-hanginí [D]was bad for his [G]health. 

Now [C]Jesse had a wife who [G]mourned for his life,
His children, they were [D]brave.
But that [G]dirty little coward who [C]shot Mr. [G]Howard,
Laid poor [D]Jesse in his [G]grave. 

[There's usually some patter here]

 Karl [G]Marx he was a Jew who [C]knew a thing or [G]two,
He thought that money should be spread a-[D]round.
He [G]partnered up with Lenin, and [C]from the very be-[G]ginniní
The bosses did their [D]best to keep them [G]down. 

Marx [C]was a Commuist and [G]he fought to resist,
The oppression of the ruling [D]class.
In [G]1848 he [C]rocked the Czarist [G]State,
And shoved his Mani-[D]festo up their [G]ass. 

[Usually more patter]

 (He was) [G]Born in 4 BC in a [C]town in Gali-[G]lee,
Bathed in his unwed Motherís [D]tears.
He preached [G]Gospel to the masses, and he [C]fought the ruling [G]classes,
And predated Marx by [D]eighteen-hundred [G]years. 

Now [C]Jesus had no wife to [G]mourn for his life,
He was socially a total [D]loss.
And that [G]dirty proletariat, [C]Judas Is-[G]cariot,
Hung poor [D]Jesus on a [G]cross.


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