Riders in the Sky --- Stan Jones

The first song I memorised all the way through. Nearly wore out the old 78 rpm record by Vaughn Monroe!


An [Em]old cow-poke went ridin’ out one [G]dark and windy day.
Up-[Em]on a ridge he rested as he [G]went along his way.
When [C]all at once a [G]mighty herd of red-eyed cows he [Em]saw
A-[C]ploughin’ through the [Am]ragged skies, and [C]up a cloudy [Em]draw 

          [Em]Yippee-eye-ay yippee-eye-oh
          The [C]ghost herd [Am]in the [Em]sky. 

Their [Em]brands were still on fire and their [G]hooves were made of steel.
Their [Em]horns were black and shiny and their [G]hot breath he could feel.
A [C]bolt of fear went [G]through him as they thundered through the [Em]sky.
For he [C]saw the riders [Am]comin’ hard, and he [C]heard their mournful [Em]cry. 

          [Em]Yippee-eye-ay yippee-eye-oh
          [C]Ghost riders [Am]in the [Em]sky. 

Their [Em]faces gaunt, their eyes were blurred, their [G]shirts all soaked with sweat
They’re [Em]ridin’ hard to catch that herd but [G]they ain’t caught ‘em yet
‘Cause they’ve [C]got to ride for-[G]ever on that range up in the [Em]sky
On [C]horses snortin’ [Am]fire – as they [C]ride on hear their [Em]cry. 

[Em]Yippee-eye-ay yippee-eye-oh
         [C]Ghost riders [Am]in the [Em]sky.

 As the [Em]riders loped on by him, he [G]heard one call his name
“If you [Em]want to save your soul from Hell a-[G]ridin’ on our range”
“Then [C]cowboy change your [G]ways today, or with us you will [Em]ride”
“A-[C]tryin’ to catch the [Am]Devil’s herd – a-[C]cross these endless [Em]skies” 

[Em]Yippee-eye-ay yippee-eye-oh
         [C]Ghost riders [Am]in the [Em]sky.


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