Molly Malone --- (according to Allan Sherman)


In [G]Dublin’s fair [Em]city, where [C]girls are so [D7]pretty,
‘Twas [G]there that I [Em]first met sweet [C]Molly Ma-[D7]lone
She [G]was a fish [Em]monger, and [C]sure ‘twas no [D7]wonder,
In a [G]family of [Em]fish mongers [C]Molly had [D7]grown
(and grown, and grown). 

She [G]wheels her wheel-[Em]barrow through [C]streets that are [D7]narrow,
Her [G]barrow is [Em]narrow, her [C]hips are too [G]wide.
So where-[G]ever she [Em]wheels it, the [C]neighbourhood [D7]feels it.
Her [G]girdle keeps [Em]scraping the [C]homes on each [D7]side. 

In [G]Dublin’s fair [Em]city, where [C]girls are so [D7]pretty,
My [G]Molly stands [Em]out ‘cause she [C]weighs eighteen [D7]stone.
(that’s 252 pounds)
I [G]don’t mind her [Em]fat but -- it’s [C]not only [D7]that but --
She’s [G]cockeyed and [Em]muscle-bound, [C]Molly Ma-[D7]lone!


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