Me and My Uncle --- John Phillips


Am     Em     Am

Well me and my [C]uncle went ridin’ [Am]down,
South Colo-[
C]rado, West Texas [Am]bound.
We stopped [
C]over in Santa [Am]Fe,
That bein’ the [
C]point just about half-[D]way,
And [
C]you know it was the [E]hottest part of the [Am]day. 

I took the [C]horses up to the [Am]stalls.
Went to the [
C]barroom ‘n ordered drinks for [Am]all.
Three days in the [
C]saddle, you know my body [Am]hurt.
It bein’ [
C]Summer, I took off my [D]shirt,
And I [
C]tried to wash off [E]some of that dusty [Am]dirt. 

West Texas [C]cowboys, they’s all a-[Am]round.
With liquor and [
C]money, they’s loaded [Am]down.
So soon after [
C]payday, you know it seemed a [Am]shame…
You know my [
C]uncle, he starts a friendly [D]game.
C]High, Low, Jack and the [E]winner takes the [C]game. 

My uncle started [C]winnin’ – cowboys got [Am]sore.
One of them [
C]called him – and then two [Am]more.
Accused him of [
C]cheatin’, now I know that couldn’t [Am]be,
I know my [
C]uncle and he’s as honest as [D]me,
And [
C]I’m as honest as a [E]son-of-a-bitch can [Am]be. 

One of them [C]cowboys, he starts to [Am]draw,
I shot him [
C]down, Lord. He never [Am]saw.
Shot me an-[
C]other, (that man) he won’t grow [Am]old.
In the con-[
C]fusion, my uncle grabbed the [D]gold,
And [
C]we high-tailed it [E]down to Mexi-[Am]co. 

Now all those [C]cowboys, we had their [Am]gold.
‘n I loved my [
C]uncle, God rest his [Am]soul.
He taught me [
C]good, Lord. He taught me all I [Am]know.
He taught me [
C]so well -- I grabbed that [D]gold,
And I [
C]left his dead ass [E]there by the side of the [Am]road.


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