I’m Waiting for the Man --- The Velvet Underground



[D]I'm [G]waitin' for my [D]man   [G]
[D]26 dollars [G]in my [D]hand   [G]
[D]Up to Lexington,  [F#]125,
[G]Feel sick and dirty more [A]dead than alive
[D]I'm [G]waitin' for my [D]man   [G]

[D]Hey white boy, [G]what you doin' up-[D]town?   [G]
[D]Hey white boy, [G]you chasin' our women a-[D]round?   [G]
Oh [D]pardon me sir, it's [F#]furthest from my mind,
[G]I'm just lookin' for a [A]dear dear friend of mine
[D]I'm [G]waitin' for my [D]man   [G]

[D]Up to a brownstone, [G]up three flights of [D]stairs   [G]
[D]Everybody's pinned you [G]but nobody [D]cares   [G]
[D]He's got the works, [F#]gives you sweet taste
Ah [G]then you got to split ‘cause you [A]got no time to waste
[D]I'm [G]waitin for my [D]man   [G]

[D]Baby don't you holler, [G]darlin' don't you bawl and [D]shout   [G]
[D]I'm feelin good, you [G]know I'm gonna work it on [D]out   [G]
[D]I'm feelin good, I [F#]feel oh so fine
[G]Until tomorrow, but that's [A]just some other time
[D]I'm [G]waitin for my [D]man  [G]


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