I  Donít Like You --- John Harrelson

One of John's earliest songs.


I donít [A]like youÖ I never [D]have.
Youíre much too [A]selfish to be less than [E7]bad.
You get your [A]way, no matter what the [D]price.
I donít [A]like you Ďcause [E7]you ainít [A]nice. 

I donít [A]like you, and I donít [D]want to.
Youíve earned your-[A]self a repu-[E7]tation.
You reach the [A]ends by any [D]means.
Thatís commonly [A]called manipu-[E7]la-[A]tion. 

I canít [D]help it. I think youíre [A]fucked-up.
In a word or twoÖ [A]You [B7]Suck! [E7]
I donít [A]like you. Thatís just a [D]fact.
I donít [A]like you, and I hopeÖ
That [E7]you donít like me [A]back.


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