Greenback Dollar --- Hoyt Axton/Ken Ramsey


[Em]Some people say I’m a no-count
[Em]Others say I’m no good.
But [C]I’m just a [G]natchral-born [C]travelin’ [G]man
[D]Doin’ what I think I [Em]should, oh yeah
[D]Doin’ what I think I [Em]should. -- And I

[chorus] [G]Don’t give a [C]damn about a [G]greenback [C]dollar
             [G]Spend it as [C]fast as I [G]can. [C]
For a [G]wailin’ [C]song and a [G]good gui-[C]tar
            The [D]only things that I under-[Em]stand, oh yeah
            The [D]only things that I under-[Em]stand.

[Em]When I was a little baby
[Em]My Mama said: “Hey, Son.”
[C]“Travel where you [G]will and [C]grow to be a [G]man”
“And [D]sing what must be [Em]sung.” Oh yeah.
[D]“Sing what must be [Em]sung.” -- And I 


[Em]Now that I’m a grown man
I’ve [Em]traveled here and there
I’ve [C]learned that a [G]bottle of [C]brandy and a [G]song
Are the [D]only ones who ever [Em]care, oh yeah
The [D]only ones who ever [Em] care. -- And I


[Em]Now I’ve gone to college
You [Em]may think it a crime
But I [C] spend my [G]days on good [C]music and [G]beer
And [D]classes are a waste of [Em]time, oh yeah
[D]Classes are a waste of [Em]time. -- And I

[last chorus] [G]Don’t give a [C]damn about [G]bein' a [C]scholar
                    [G]Flunkin' [C]out is a [G]blast. [C]
For I [G]don't read my [C]books. I give them [G]girls dirty[C]looks
                   I'm [D]rockin' out and gettin' [Em]gassed, oh yeah
                   I'm [D]rockin' out and gettin' [Em]gassed.


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