Gold Watch And Chain ---

Performed by: Emmylou Harris

Album: Roses In The Snow

[chorus] Oh I'll [G]pawn you my gold watch and [C]chain, love
                And I'll [D]pawn you my gold wedding [G]ring
                I will [G]pawn you this heart in my [C]bosom
                Only [D]say that you'll love me a-[G]gain

Darling, [G]how could I stay here with-[C]out you
I have [D]nothing to ease my poor [G]heart
This old [G]world would seem sad, love, with-[C]out you
Tell me [D]now that we never will [G]part


(Oh) take [G]back all the gifts you have [C]given
A diamond [D]ring and a lock of your [G]hair
And a [G]card with your picture up- [C]on it
It's a [D]face that is false but is [G]fair


Oh, the [G]white rose that blooms in the [C]garden
It [D]grows with the love of my [G]heart
It broke [G]through on the day that I [C]met you
It will [D]die on the day that we [G]part



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