Folsom Prison Blues --- Johnny Cash


I [E]hear that train a-cominí, Itís rolliní Ďround the bend,
And I ainít seen the sunshine since
[E7]I donít know when.
[A7]stuck in Folsom Prison, and time keeps dragginí [E]on.
But that
[B7]train keeps a-rolliní on down to San An-[E]tone.

When [E]I was just a baby, My mama told me, ďSon,
Always be a good boy, donít
[E7]ever play with guns.Ē
But I
[A7]shot a man in Reno, just to watch him [E]die.
When I
[B7]hear that whistle blowiní I hang my head and [E]cry.

I [E]bet thereís rich folks eatiní in a fancy dining car.
Theyíre probíly drinkiní coffee and
[E7]smokiní big cigars,
But I
[A7]know I had it cominí. I know I canít be [E]free.
But those
[B7]people keep a-moviní and thatís what tortures [E]me.

Well if they [E]freed me from this prison; if that railroad train was mine,
I bet Iíd move it on a little
[E7]farther down the line.
Far from Folsom Prison, thatís where I want to [E]stay.
And Iíd
[B7]let that lonesome whistle blow my blues a-[E]way.


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