Eileen Og (aka The Pride of Petrovar) – Percy French


[Em]Eileen Og an’ that the darlin’s name is

[D]All through the Barony her features they were famous

[Em]If we loved her then, well who was there to blame us

For wasn’t she the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var?

[C]But her beauty [G]made us all so shy

[D]Not a man could [Em]look her in the eye

[C]Boys, oh boys, sure [Em]that’s the reason why

We’re in [Em]mournin’ for the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var

[chorus] [C]Eileen Og me [G]heart is turnin’ grey,

   [D]Ever since the day you [Em]wandered far away

   [C]Eileen Og there’s [G]good fish in the say,

   But there’s [Em]none quite like the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var


[Em]Friday at the fair of Ballintubber

[D]Eileen met McGrath the cattle jobber

I’d [Em]like to set me mark upon the robber

For he stole away the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var

He [C]never seemed to [G]see the girl at all

[D]Even when she ogled him from [Em]underneath her shawl

[C]Lookin’ big and masterful while [Em]she was lookin’ small

Most pro-[Em]vokin’ for the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var




[Em]So it went as ’twas in the beginning

[D]Eileen Og was bent upon the winning

[Em]Big McGrath con -- tentedly was grinning

Being courted by the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var

Sez [C]he “I know a girl that could [G]knock you into fits”

At [D]that Eileen, she [Em]nearly lost her wits

The [C]upshot of the ruction was that [Em]now the robber sits

With his [Em]arm around the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var




[Em]Boys, oh boys, with fate ’tis hard to grapple

[D]Of my eyes ’tis Eileen was the apple

[Em]Now to see her marchin’ to the chapel

With the hardest featured [D]man in Petro-[Em]var

[C]Now, boys, this is [G]all I have to say

[D]When you do your courtin’ just [Em]make you no display

If you [C]want them to run after you, just [Em]walk the other way

For they’re [Em]mostly like the [D]Pride of Petro-[Em]var


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