Catfish John --- Bob McDill/Alan Reynolds



[chorus] [A]Mama said, “Don’t go [D]near that river.”

    [A]”Don’t be hanging around old Catfish [E7]John.”

    [A]Come the morning, I’d[D]always be there,

    [A]Walking in his footsteps in the [E7]sweet Delta [A]dawn.


[D]Take me back to a-[A]nother morning,

[D]To a time so long a-[A]go,

[D]When the sweet mag-[A]nolia blossomed, and

Cotton [E7]fields were white as [A]snow.


[D]Catfish John was a [A]river hobo who

[D]Lived and died by the river’s [A]bend.

[D]Looking back I [A]still remember;

I was [E7]proud to be his [A]friend.



[D]Born a slave in the [A]town of Vicksburg;

[D]Traded for a chestnut [A]mare.

[D]Lord, he never [A]spoke in anger,

Though his [E7]load was hard to [A]bear.


      [chorus] x2


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