Banks of Marble --- Les Rice ©1950

I've [G]traveled [D7]'round this country,
From [C]sea to shining [G]sea;
It [D7]really makes me [G]wonder,
The [D7]things I hear and [G]see. 

Iíve [G]seen the [D7]weary farmer,
[C]Plowing sod and [G]loam;
Iíve [D7]heard the auction [G]hammer
A-[D7]knocking down his [G]home

[chorus] But the [G]banks are made of marble,
              With a [D7]guard at every [G]door,
              And the vaults are stuffed with silver
              That the [D7]farmer sweated [G]for.

Iíve [G]seen the [D7]seaman standing
[C]Idly by the [G]shore,
Iíve [D7]heard the bosses [G]saying,
"Got no [D7]work for you no [G]more." 

 Iíve [G]seen the [D7]weary miner
Scrubbing [C]coal dust from his [G]back,
Iíve [D7]heard his children [G]crying,
"Got no [D7]coal to heat the [G]shack."


I've [
G]seen my brothers [D7]working
Through-[C]out this mighty [G]land,
Iíve [D7]prayed we'd get to-[G]gether
And to-[D7]gether make a [G]stand.

              Then we'd [G]own those banks of marble,
              With a [D7]guard at every [G]door,
              And we'd share those vaults of silver
              That [D7]we have sweated [G]for!


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