Angina Blues --- Bob Clevenger

~Vamp on [A]~

Woke [E]up this early morniní with a pain down in my chest,
I took a hit of nitro Ďcause I [E7]thought it would be best,
I got the [A]Blues -- the Angina Pectoralis Blues,
And Iím [D]feelin' kinda weary from my [A]head down [E]to my [A]shoes.

I [E]planned to go out early and have myself some fun,
But old Angina spoke to me, said: [E7]ďChange your plans old son.Ē
Itís just the [A]Blues, the Angina Pectoralis Blues.
You [D]know your life is changiní and youíve [A]got to pay some [E]long-lost [A]dues.

[E]Nitro pill is workiní and Iím thinkiní Iím not dead
But just in case Iím wrong (ya know), Iíll [E7]stay right here in bed.
Iíve got those [A]Blues Ė those Angina Pectoralis Blues,
I [D]guess I must be winniní Ďcause I [A]ainít got [E]much to [A]lose.

[E]Old Anginaís with me; he ainít never far behind,
If I give him half a chance heís sure to [E7]get me in a bind.
I got the [A]Blues, the Angina Pectoralis Blues,
But it ainít [D]over Ďtil itís over, so Iíll [A]live the [E]life I [A]choose.


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