All The Tunes In The World --- Ewan McVicar
Ttto: "The South Wind" --- As sung by Iain MacKintosh & Hamish Imlach

Chords are my own approximations.

[Chorus]  [G]All The Tunes In The [Em]World
                 Are [C]dancing around in my [G]head
                 The [Em]clock on the wall says: Its[C] time to go home.
                 To-[G]morrow, we'll [D7]sing them in-[G]stead

[G]Lay down the old Guild gui-[Em]tar
[C]Lay down the five-string ban-[G]jo
We'd [Em]like one more drink at the [C]bar
But the [G]clock says it's [D7]time to [G]go


[G]Lay down the jig and the [Em]reel
[C]Lay down the planxty, the [G]slide
Like [Em]us then you'll know how it [C]feels
To play [G]music and [D7]lose track of [G]time


The [G]barman has put on his [Em]coat
Stacked [C]chairs on the old table-[G]tops
And the [Em]manager's friends are a-[C]fraid
The [G]music might [D7]bring in the [G]cops

          [Chorus] x2

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