A Nation Once Again

When [G]boyhoodís fire was in my blood
I [C]read of [D7]ancient [G]freemen
For Greece and Rome who [Em]bravely [G]stood
Three [C]hundred [Am]men and [D7]three men
And [D]then I prayed I might yet see
Our [C]Fetters [Am]rent in [B7]twain
And [C]Ireland [A7]long a [D]province be
A [G]nation [D]once a-[G]gain

[chorus] A [G]nation once a-[C]gain
                A [Am]nation once a-[D7]gain
                And [G]Ireland long a [C]province [D]be
                A [G]nation [D]once a-[G]gain

 And [G]from that time through wildest woe
That [C]hope has [D7]shown a [G]far light
Nor could loveís brightest [Em]Summer [G]glow
Out-[C]shine that [Am]solemn [D7]starlight
It [D]seemed to watch above my head
In [C]forum, [Am]field, and [B7]fane
Itís [C]angel [A7]voice sang [D] Ďround my bed
A [G]nation [D]once a-[G]gain


It [G]whispered too that Freedomís ark
And [C]service [D7]high and [G]holy
Would be profaned by [Em]feelings [G]dark
And [C]passions [Am]vain or [D7]lowly
For [D]Freedom comes from Godís right hand
And [C]needs a [Am]Godly [B7]train
And [C]righteous [A7]men must [D]make our land
A [G]nation o[D]nce a-[G]gain


So [G]as I grew from boy to man
I [C]bent me [D7]to that [G]bidding
My spirit of each [Em]selfish [G]plan
And [C]cruel [Am]passion [D7]ridding
For [D]thus I hoped someday to aid
Oh, [C]can such [Am]hope be [B7]vain?
When [C]my dear [A7]country [D]shall be made

              A [G]nation once a-[C]gain
                A [Am]nation once a-[D7]gain
                And [G]Ireland long a [C]province [D]be
                A [G]nation [D]once a-[G]gain

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