Filking at LAConIV (World Con 2006)

At LAConIV my late friend Mike Fiore and I hosted a party room. We called it the "Sin Pit"
because smoking was allowed, drinking was encouraged, and music was almost mandatory.
There was some pretty good beer in kegs (Guinness anyone?) and some pretty fine whisky.

A fellow came in and said "I'm Frank Gasperik" and wondered if he could borrow one of my
guitars for a song or two, I said, "sure." Frank wasn't doing very well healthwise, but as soon
as he hot a guitar in his hands all that was forgotten. I believe these are the last songs Frank ever
performed in public (or semi-public).

Frank Gasperik playing my Martin D12-35

Leslie Fish was a nearly-constant companion in the Sin Pit since it was about the only place in
the hotel that she was allowed to smoke. And there was a lot of filking to be had... or is that heard?

Leslie Fish playing "Monster"

I had a digital recorder going almost all the time. The microphone was a Rode NT4, in case you
are into that stuff.

These are party recordings. There are sounds in the background of people having fun.
Sometimes the background sounds get into the foreground. Sue me.

If anyone whose performance I have made available here has a problem with that, e-mail me
at and ask nicely and I will remove the files to which you object.
No, Leslie, I won't take down BFA just because it's BFA. :)

These links are to files in flac format. They are compressed in a lossless format.
The quality is as good as it will ever be.

In the "Sin Pit" (in order of performance)

The Green Hills of Earth -- Frank Gasperik
The Green Hills of Earth Story -- Frank Gasperik
Early Morning Rain -- Frank Gasperik
The Pilgrim - Chapter33 -- Frank Gasperik
Health Nazis -- Leslie Fish
Mother Never Talks About That Orgy -- Leslie Fish
Invasion -- Leslie Fish
The Last Vampire Song -- Leslie Fish
Harvester -- Leslie Fish
The Keeper of the Asteroid Light -- Frank Gasperik
The Cursed of the Elder Gods -- Leslie Fish
Culture -- Frank Gasperik
Where Has Cthulhu Gone? -- Leslie Fish
Chicago -- Leslie Fish
I used to Work in Chicago -- Frank Gasperik
It's Christmas Time in Phoenix -- Leslie Fish
Woad -- Frank Gasperik
Noise Complaint
Limericks -- Frank Gasperik
Kitten on the Moon -- Leslie Fish
Ghost Writers on the Sly -- Frank Gasperik
Re-Invent the Lever -- Leslie Fish
Fly Me to the Moon -- Frank Gasperik
Lichen -- Leslie Fish
They Left the Puppy All Alone -- Leslie Fish
Bootstraps -- Leslie Fish
Carolyn -- Leslie Fish
Mundanegeld -- Leslie Fish
McAndrew's Hymn -- Leslie Fish
Threes -- Leslie Fish
Hail to IBM -- Frank Gasperik
McNamara's Band -- Frank Gasperik
Side by Side -- Frank Gasperik
Fort Jefferson -- Frank Gasperik
Benny's from Heaven -- Frank Gasperik
It's My Turn to Sleep in the Middle -- Frank Gasperik

In the main Filk Room

Karen Anderson
Leslie Fish

The Origin of Banned From Argo (live) -- Leslie Fish
Banned From Argo (live) -- Leslie Fish
Filksongs you love to Hate