A few links to info about models whom I like. Most of these are of the "adult" variety since the models are large-busted (yeah, I like that) and most of them model at least topless. If you are looking for the more herd-core porn, don't bother looking here -- this isn't that kind of stuff. Most of the links go to their own websites, but a few don't have their own sites at this time (March 2015).

If you are considered a minor where you live, or if you are offended by large breasts and/or female nudity, please don't follow these links.

Abbi Secraa

Agnetis Miracle

Alicia Loren

Diana Loving

Dolly Morgan

Liana (aka: Lush Boobs)


Milena Velba

Penny Underbust

Vintage Models  The models below have been retired for years now. I have created photo galleries for them.
Some comments are with the links to their galleries. Yep, it's all free. Enjoy the photos

Carol Tanner

Carol was called Cindy Thompson by the folks who produced her videos (on videocassette). I stay with the name she used for her print layouts. None of the models use their real names anyway, right? She had a short career but gathered a loyal following very quickly. She just modeled to earn money for college. Here you will find most of her photos from her magazine work along with extra shots the photographers took but didn't get published. I was fortunate enough to get to scan these. They have never before been published. There are some video captures from all three of her videos -- since they were on VHS tape the quality of these is not very good.  Finally there are a lot of photos I took of her, mostly at the Renaissance Faire. These also have never been published before. Upon further thought I did upload the "previously unpublished" shots to one or two websites, but they are nearly unpublished and they don't seem to get around the net very well, so they are still pretty rare.
       Carol's photos
       Carol's videos (all on one mp4 file)

Donna Murray
Donna was an English model who worked before the internet came about. I have managed to collect a fair number of her photos. She was extremely popular during her career.

Susie Sparks
Susie is certainly a well-known model from the 1980s. At one time you could get most of her work from the site "Justits.com" when that site was run by Bob Lewis, who did a lot of Susie's photography. That site has gone away and there is a different site using that name now. The first 184 photos are from Bob's site and I have left his logo on them as a tribute to his work. The rest of the photos except for the last nine I have gathered from around the internet and some of them are not too good. I have tried to improve the photos where I could, but I didn't try to work miracles. The last nine photos I took myself at the Renaissance Faire in 1994. I ran into Susie there and she was a very nice person.

Wendy Hart
Wendy had a very short career, but as with Carol she had a very enthusiastic following. Here you will find almost all of her published photos as well as a lot of photos I have taken myself. I am fortunate to have been friends with her since I first saw her at the Renaissance Faire in 1985. I am happy to say that the friendship has continued unto this very day. I have taken a lot of photos of her and most of them are here for your enjoyment. Yes, most of these have never before been published... really.