Woad --- Trad. and Anon. --- ttto: Men of Harlech


[G]What’s the [Em]use of [G]wearing braces,
[C]Hats or spats or [D7]shoes with laces?
[G]Vests or [C]pants you [G]buy in places
[G]Down on [D7]Brompton [G]Road? 

[G]What’s the [Em]use of [G]shirts of cotton,
[C]Studs that always [D7]get forgotten?
[G]Such af-[C]fairs are [G]simply rotten,
[G]Better [D7]far is [G]woad. 

        [D]Woad’s the stuff to show men.
        [G]Woad to scare your foemen.
        [G]Boil it [Em]to a [G]brilliant [Em]blue
        And [G]rub it on your [Em]legs and your ab-[G]domen. 

        [C]Ancient [G]Britons [C]never [G]hit on
        [A7]Anything as good as [D7]woad to fit on
        [G]Neck or [C]knees or [G]where you sit on.
        [G]Tailors, [D7]be you [G]blowed! 

[G]Romans [Em]came a-[G]cross the Channel
[C]All dressed up in [D7]tin and flannel.
[G]Half-a-[C]pint of [G]woad per man’ll
[G]Clothe us [D7]more than [G]these. 

[G]Saxons, [Em]you may [G]save your stitches,
[C]Building beds for [D7]bugs in britches.
[G]We have [C]woad to [G]clothe us, which is
[G]Not a [D7]nest for [G]fleas. 

          [D]Romans save your armour,
          [G]Saxons, your pyjamas.
          [G]Hairy [Em]coats were [G]made for [Em]goats
          Go-[G]rillas, yaks, re-[Em]triever dogs, and [G]llamas. 

         [C]March on [G]Snowdon [C]with your [G]woad on,
         [A7]Never mind if you get [D7]rained of snowed on.
         [G]Never [C]need a [G]button sewed-on.
         [G]Bottoms-[D7]up to [G]woad!


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