One Too Many Mornings --- Bob Dylan


Down the [D]street the dogs are barkiní
And the [G]day is a-gettingí [D]dark.
As the [A7]night comes in a-falliní
The [Em]dogsíll lose their [D]bark.
Aní the [D]silent night will shatter
From the [G]sounds inside my [D]mind.
For Iím just [D]one too many mornings
Aní a [A7]thousand [Em]miles be-[D]hind. 

From the [D]crossroads of my doorstep
My [G]eyes they start to fade.
As I [A7]turn my head back to the room
Where my [Em]love and I have [D]laid.
Aní I [D]gaze back to the street,
The [G]sidewalk, and the [D]sign.
And Iím [D]one too many mornngs
Aní a [A7]thousand [Em]miles be-[D]hind. 

Itís a [D]restless, hungry feeling
That donít [G]mean no one no [D]good.
When [A7]everything Iím a-sayiní
You could [Em]say it just as [D]good.
[D]Youíre right from your side
Ďn [G]I am right from [D]mine.
Weíre both just [D]one too many mornings
Aní a [A7]thousand [Em]miles be-[D]hind.


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