Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out

--- Jimmy Cox --- from the singing of Josh White


[G]Once I lived the [B7]life of a [E7]millionaire,
[Am]Spending my [E]money like [Am]I didn’t [E]care.
[C]Takin’ my [E
79]friends out for a [G]mighty good [E7]time,
Drinkin’ [A7]high-priced liquor, cham-[D7]pagne and wine. 

[G]Then I be-[B7]gan to [E7]fall so low.
I [Am]didn’t have a [E]friend and [Am]no place to [E]go.
If I [C]ever get my [E
79]hands on a [G]dollar a-[E7]gain,
I’m gonna [A7]squeeze that sucker ‘til the [D7]eagle grins, ‘cause… 

[G]Nobody [B7]knows you when you’re [E7]down and out.
[Am]In your [E]pocket, [Am]not one [E]penny,
[C]And as for [E
79]friends – [G]you haven’t [E7]any.
But as [A7]soon as you get back on your [D7]feet again… 

[G]Everybody [B7]wants to be your [E7]long-lost friend.
(You know) It’s [Am]mighty [E]strange, [Am]without a [E]doubt
[C]Nobody [E
79]knows you when you’re [G]down and [E7]out;
I mean, [A7]when you are [D7]down and [G]out.


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