Like a Rolling Stone --- Bob Dylan


[C]Once upon a time, you [Dm7]dressed so fine
You [C]threw the bums a dime, [F]in your prime. [G]Didn’t you?
[C]People’d call, say: [Dm7]“Beware Doll, you’re [C]bound to fall.”
You thought [F]they were all -- [G]kiddin. you.
[F]You used to [G]laugh about --
[F]Everybody that was [G]hangin’ out.
[F]Now you [C]don’t [Dm7]talk so [C]loud,
[F]Now you [C]don’t [Dm7]seem so [C]proud,
A-[Dm]bout having to be scrounging [F]for your next [G]meal! 

[chorus] How does it feel? [C] [F] [G]
             How does it feel? [C] [F] [G]
             To be without a home? [C] [F] [G]
             Like a complete unknown? [C] [F] [G]
             Like a rolling stone? [C] [F] [G

Ah, you’ve [C]gone to the [Dm7]finest school all [C]right, Miss Lonely
But you [F]know you only used to get [G]juiced in it.
And no- [C]body has ever taught you [Dm7]how to live on the [C]street.
But now you’re [F]gonna have to get [G]used to it.
[F]You said you’d never [G]compromise
[F]With the mystery tramp, but now you [G]realize
[F]He’s not [C]selling any [Dm7]alibis [C]
[F]As you stare into the [C]vacuum [Dm7]of his [G]eyes
And [Dm]say: “Do you want to [F]make a [G]deal?” 


You [C]never turned around to [Dm7]see the frowns on the jugglers and the [C]clowns
When they [F]all came down and did [G]tricks for you.
You [C]never understood that it [Dm7]ain’t no good.
You [C]shouldn’t let other [F]people get your [G]kicks for you.
[F]You used to ride on the chrome horse with your [G]diplomat
[F]Who carried on his shoulder a [G]Siamese cat.
[F]Ain’t it [C]hard when you dis-[Dm7]cover that [C]
[F]He really [C]wasn’t [Dm7]where it’s [G]at
[Dm]After he took from you [F]everything he could [G]steal? 


[C]Princess on the [Dm7]steeple and all the [C]pretty people
They’re [F]all drinkin’ thinkin’ that they [G]got it made.
[C]Exchanging all [Dm7]precious gifts.
[C]But you better [F]take your diamond ring. [G]You’d better pawn it, babe.
[F]You used to be [G]so amused
[F]At Napoleon in rags [G]and the language that he used.
[F]Go to him now. He [C]calls you. You [Dm7]can’t refuse. [C]
[F]When you ain’t got [C]nothin’, you got [Dm7]nothin’ to [G]lose.
You’re in-[Dm]visible now. You got no secrets [F]to con-[G]ceal. 

[chorus] How does it feel? [C] [F] [G]
             How does it feel? [C] [F] [G]
             To be without a home? [C] [F] [G]
             Like a complete unknown? [C] [F] [G]
             Like a rolling stone? [C] [F] [G]


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