Greenland Whale Fisheries


  1. It was in [G]eighteen hundred and fifty-three,
    Of [C]June, the [G]thirteenth [D]day,
    That our [G]gallant ship, her [C]anchor [G]weighed,
    And for Greenland [D]sailed a-[G]way, brave [Em]boys;
    For [G]Greenland [D]sailed a-[G]way.
  1. The [G]lookout in the crow’s nest stood
    With his [C]spyglass [G]in his [D]hand.
    “There’s a [G]whale, there’s a whale, there’s a [C]whale-fish.” he [G]cried
    And she blows at [D]ev-ery [G]span, brave [Em]boys;
    She [G]blows at [D]ev-ery [G]span.
  1. Oh, the [G]Captain at the capstan stood.
    A [C]greedy [G]bastard [D]he.
    “Over-[G]haul! Over-haul! Let your [C]davit tackles [G]fall,
    And launch your [D]boats for the [G]sea.” Brave [Em]boys;
    [G]Launch your [D]boats for the [G]sea.
  1. Now the [G]boats were launched and the men aboard,
    And the [C]whale was [G]in full [D]view.
    Re-[G]sol-vèd was each [C]seaman [G]bold
    To steer where that [D]whale-fish [G]blew, brave [Em]boys;
    To [G]steer where that [D]whale-fish [G]blew.
  1. We [G]stuck the whale and the line payed out
    But she [C]gave such a [G]flunder with her [D]tail
    That a [G]boat capsized and [C]four men were [G]drowned,
    And we never [D]caught that [G]whale, brave [Em]boys;
    No, we [G]never [D]caught that [G]whale.
  1. “Now, [G]losing men,” our Captain said,
    “It [C]grieves my [G]heart full [D]sore.”
    “But, [G]oh! to lose that [C]hundred-barrel [G]whale,
     You know it [D]grieves me ten times [G]more.” Brave [Em]boys;
    It [G]grieves me [D]ten times [G]more.
  1. And the [G]winter star doth now appear.
    So, [C]boys we’ll [G]anchor [D]weigh.
    It’s [G]time to leave this [C]cold count-er-[G]y,
    And we’ll [D]homeward sail a-[G]way, brave [Em]boys;
    We’ll [G]homeward [D]sail a-[G]way.
  1. Oh, [G]Greenland is a dreadful place
    A [C]place that’s [G]never [D]green.
    There’s [G]ice and snow, and the [C]whale-fishes [G]blow,
    And the daylight’s [D]seldom [G]seen, brave [Em]boys;
    And [G]daylight’s [D]seldom [G]seen.


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