Black Powder and Alcohol ---  ©1985 Leslie Fish



[C] [G] [D] [E]


[chorus] [A]Black powder and alcohol.
              [D]When the states and the cities fall.
              [G]When your back is a-[E]gainst the wall.
              [A]Black powder and alcohol.

[A]Gimme charcoal to the measure two.
[F]Send the bullet where you want it to.
[D]Gimme Sulfur to the measure three.
[A]Make the powder gonna keep you free.
[G]Give me saltpetre, [E]measure fifteen.
[A]Sweetest shootin’ that you’ve ever seen.


A]Gimme water, yeast, and veggie trash.
[F]Leave it sitting in the slurry-mash.
[D]When it’s ready put it in the still.
[A]If you can’t heat it then the sunlight will.
[G]Draw the alcohol a-[E]way and then
[A]Put the slurry back and start again!


[A]Booze’ll clean your cuts or run your car.
[F]And you can make it anywhere you are.
[D]Black powder in your cartridge shell
[A]Will send those raiders runnin’ straight to Hell.
[G]You can make them if you [E]just know how.
[A]So kids remember what I’m tellin’ you now!

     [chorus] x2

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