Barbara Allen --- Child Ballad 84


[E]In Scarlet Town where I was born,
There was a [B7]fair maid dwelling,
Made [E]many a youth cry well a day,
Her name was [B7]Barbara [E]Allen.

 It was in the merry month of May
When green buds [B7]they were swelling;
Sweet [E]William came from the west country
And he courted [B7]Barbara [E]Allen.

He sent his servant unto her
To the place where [B7]she was dwelling;
Said my master's [E]sick, bids me call for you
If your name be [B7]Barbara [E]Allen.

Well, slowly, slowly got she up
And slowly [B7]went she nigh him;
But all she [E]said as she passed his bed
Young man I [B7]think you're [E]dying.

Then lightly tripped she down the stairs
She heard those [B7]church bells knelling;
And each bell [E]seemed to say as it tolled
Hard-hearted [B7]Barbara [E]Allen.

O, mother, O mother go make my bed
And make it [B7]long and narrow;
Sweet William [E]died for me today
I'll die for [B7]him to-[E]morrow.

They buried her in the old church yard
Sweet Williamís [B7]grave beside hers;
Out of his [E]grave grew a red, red rose
And out of [B7]hers a [E]briar.

They grew and grew up the old church wall
Till they could [B7]grow no higher;
And at the [E]top formed a lovers' knot
The red rose [B7]and the [E]briar.


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